Website Rankings or Traffic Up/Down After March 1st and 2nd?

Google have never been shy of telling the world that they are constantly looking to enhance their search engine results experience for their users and that often means that as a website owner, you have to tow their line or risk having your website vanish from some of the most valuable digital advertising space there is.

Well those changes come in waves, with changes being made to their Google algorithms, looking at more than 500 different factors about your website and re-analysing your suitability for ranking within their search results.

Throughout the 1st and 2nd March 2019, search engine tracking tools noticed a huge amount of positional shifting happening across a range of niches, with websites either seeing increases in positional ranking or swift downwards movement, dubbed March 1st Google Update.

Catchy title we know.

Some website owners even took to online marketing forum Webmaster World to share that their drops were resulting in as much as 99% reduction in organic visits to their website from Google, stating that their ranking position had also been hit hard.

Google have already gone on record a number of years ago to say that they were not going to publicly announce when they had updated their algorithms anymore, meaning that the former clarity of being able to establish whether you had fallen from grace as part of an update is now much harder to determine.

While they may well be unwilling to say that the start of the month saw a change to their algorithm, we can report that something big has changed within the way that Google are ranking sites within the markets that we are either in already or monitoring in-house, as our clients have seen widespread improvements, some as drastically as going up +10 positions into the first organic result placement.

Search engine news journalists are still looking to push Google for answers surrounding whether there was in-fact an update to the core algorithm or not, however, with reports in recent weeks of manual actions being given out to penalised websites that were deemed to be breaking Google guidelines, we have to suspect that actions have now been taken against those that crossed the line a little too much.

It should be interesting to see whether Google shed any light on the situation for the masses, however we instead turn our attention to congratulating our clients on their new success.

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