The 100% Tax Deductible Cost of Website Creation and Online Marketing For UK Businesses

We know that when it comes to thinking about creating a website to improve your company brand and recognition, you can often begin to think about the cost and begin to imagine how much getting online and embracing the digital market is going to cost.

Although there are agencies out there that are sure to charge you a premium, Infinity One has helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses not only increase their recognition but also increase the size of their business for less than many can believe.

While we do consider ourselves to be a ‘Boutique’ and ‘personal’ agency that likes to formulate solid working relationships with our clients, we are often considerably cheaper than many of the leading website creation and digital marketing companies across the UK, yet we continue to provide unrivaled results.

Many of our clients begin their digital embrace for the first time under our guidance and partnership, truly unlocking the potential growth that being found online in this digital age can provide and with our recent client seeing a very impressive 800% increase in online business with a 25% reduction in their online marketing costs, we still believe that we are one of the strongest digital marketing agencies in the country.

Did you know that our costs are 100% tax deductible?

When it comes to running and growing your business, we realise that you need to keep a very close eye on your expenses and that is why unlike so many of our rivals, we have created a service that is not only cheaper than some of the longer established digital marketing companies, but is just as effective or more due to the nature of our working processes.

Our website creation, PR and digital marketing services have been streamlined to ensure that although they do come at a cost, they fit perfectly into the parameters of being 100% tax deductible, meaning that every single penny you spend on your website and online marketing can be completely offset against your company tax at the end of the year.

HMRC have openly admitted that they consider the cost of a website build and ongoing marketing (both online and offline) fall within the scope of being a primary function for encouraging the growth of your business, both through increased recognition and through the additional growth that your business will record from the increase of customers obtained through the digital medium.

This means that whether you reach out to Infinity One for a complete new website build or simply need search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing to enhance the performance of your website, every penny can be offset against your profits when it comes around to the end of the tax year.

What does this mean for my business?

We understand that often tax terminology can be confusing and that is why we have accountants to ensure that everything is dealt with accordingly, so allow us to give you an example of what this means for you and your business.

In the interest of simplicity, let’s use figures that are simple to use and understand:

If your business had an after tax profit of £100,000 and you requested a website and online marketing campaign from Infinity One, the costs of the website creation, hosting, domain name and all marketing costs would be able to be offset against those profits.

As an example, let’s assume that the total costs of your services from Infinity One amounted to a total of £20,000 (£1,666 per month), the full cost of those services could be offset against your profits, meaning that you would be only liable to pay tax on £80,000 profits before any further tax deductibles are applied.

If we assume that there were no other deductibles to consider at this time, working on a 20% company tax figure, you would save £4,000 on tax payable.

I would like more information about how Infinity One’s services can be deducted from our company tax

While we take every step to ensure that all of the information that we provide is completely honest and up to date, we suggest that should you be thinking about speaking to us about increasing your business and sales, you consult with your accountant regarding the nature of being able to claim expenses for the business based on PR, Advertising and Marketing Fees.

Alternatively, you can find out more information about what qualifies under these guidelines by searching the HMRC website for Advertising costs (box 24).

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