Taking A Trip Back Into Affiliate Marketing…

amazon gaming affiliatesIt’s been a few years now since myself and Alex have had our feet in the affiliate marketing game, just off the top of my head it was back in 2006 when Poker / Gambling was a lot more accessible than what it is today.

However we have recently been tasked to create a new website themed around gaming, specifically pro gamers and the peripherals & equipment that they use in games such as Fortnite.

So allow me to introduce you to Pug Settings!

This site is basically a database of the professional players who are at the top of their game and it’s meant to showcase the equipment they use as well as things like their specific controls or ‘keybinds’ for the savvy amongst us.

With the huge surge in popularity of online gamers through mediums such as Twitch, a lot of players tend to want to know exactly what it is that makes the pro’s so good at what they do…. hence the door way to affiliate marketing.

We have created the site which showcases a variety of each players setups, equipment and keybinds along with general information, videos and some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding each individual.

An example would be the pages so far created for popular figures such as Tfue, Ninja and Mongraal.

The ability to create content around each player, such as general information, previous winnings, general drama and the beloved ‘rich snippet’ FAQ’s, allows us to create pages fairly heavy on content and actually provide interesting content to the users rather than it just be one huge affiliate link farm.

Another stumbling block we had to overcome was the fact that monetising the website was to be done via Amazon Affiliates – which is a great platform, but when you have users visiting your site from countries all over the world, keeping track of their geo-targetted URL’s can be quite the headache!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Amazon force you to sign up to individual accounts for each country which you would like to try earn commissions from! Which can be hectic if you have around 10-15 countries – Not only that but each user would then have to choose the right link for their specific Amazon or they would not be counted.

All sounds messy and crazy and believe me it is, unless you make use of third party software or plugins which can detect your visitors country and then divert them to the correct Amazon country landing page.

All in all, its been great for us to get our feet wet again back in the old affiliate waters, and we’re looking forward to moving forward with expanding on what is already on the site and setting up a content strategy as well as try to create a more dynamic database of each player which would then allow us to make correlations and some pretty fruity reading around statistics!

If you are interested in hiring us for any of your current or future affiliate marketing projects feel free to drop us a line or get in touch and we’d be more than happy to see how we could help each other moving forward!


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