Privacy & Cookies Policy

Privacy Policy

At Infinity One we are as cautious about our information as you are and that is why we try to limit the information that we request from you, asking only for the details that we need to be able to deliver the high level of service that sets us apart from other web design and SEO agencies in Bradford or surrounding areas.

Our policy for storing details is that we take the upmost care to ensure that information is not retained in databases that are linked to our website directly, instead after 30 calendar days we transfer your information to a hidden server that delivers some of the best MD5 encryption available to us, meaning that your information is safe from the eyes of those trying to get their hands on it.

We generally only ask for information that is freely available on the internet about you and your website, including email address, name and website address as this is all we require to be able to produce the information that you could be requesting in most cases.

As a company, we decided that we would offer clients the opportunity to ask for non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to be put into action on request and honour those agreements for the duration of the contract plus 12 months to provide you complete piece of mind.

Cookies Use

Infinity One do make use of cookies on our website, however these are delivered via third party entity Google Analytics, a service that is provided by Google to allow us to be able to track and analyse the way that visitors like yourself use our website, for example which of our pages are the most popular or which pages could require further information adding to them.

We do not control the information that is collected via the implementation of Google Analytics and can assure you that no information that is gathered is shared, sold or offered to third party entities, instead is only used internally to better our services and website performance.

All information collected via the use of Google Analytics is anonymous and can not be associated to one specific user, instead the information is simply added to a data pool of visitor information that collectively helps us to make changes dependent on averages.

For more information about Google Analytics, please visit for more information.

If you would like to ask any questions or raise any concerns about your use of our website and the information that we collect, please contact [email protected] and one of our helpful team will get back to you as soon as possible.