Google: If You See A Drop In Rankings After Disavow, Remove Some Links From The File


When Google released their Google Disavow Tool back in October 2012 there was a real sense of the unknown for many website owners, with many questioning the motivation behind the tool and questions surrounding how the search engine giants would use the data that was freely provided by website owners across the globe.

Designed to help website owners to monitor and maintain their website’s backlink profile, the Disavow Tool was a way that we were able to provide Google with a list of backlinks that we would prefer for their Google algorithms to ignore while trying to determine where your website should rank within their search engine results.

Confusion has always seemed to come hand in hand with the tool, with SEOs and website owners alike all struggling to be able to understand the way in which the tool operated, some still struggle to comprehend that even now, just over 4 years since its open release into the public eye.

Some of the fear surrounding the use of the tool spanned from the possibility that you could accidently place a backlink that was providing your website with the power and equity to help you rank for a specific keyword and what doing so would mean for your rankings and that link specifically.

Well now, over 4 years since the tool was brought into use by the search engine giants, Google have confirmed that the use of the Disavow Tool can be do without that fear of mistake happening as Google’s Gary Illyes revealed what website owners should do should they see a drop in their rankings following a new Disavow file upload.

We were actually part of the beta testing that was undertaken by Google prior to the release of the tool into the public domain and working under the watchful eye of one of Google’s most identifiable names, Matt Cutts, we made use of the tool to help one high level client recover from a Google manual action against their site.

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