Expanding Brand Recognition Across Service Areas – Case Study


When we began working with BASI Heating, they were widely recognised as one of the biggest gas engineer brands in the Bradford region, however, their service area was significantly greater than the Bradford borders and that became a central element towards how Infinity One would help them to become more successful.

Having agreed upon terms to work with them, our first port of call was to take a look at the website in terms of page specifics that would allow us to be able to enhance their brand within a larger radius, incorporating cities and towns that they serve to increase their organic traffic generated leads.

BASI Heating were no strangers to SEO, in fact they were working with a company that focused on PPC generation as well as trying to implement on-site factors across the website in order to boost the brand’s recognition within immediate service areas, resulting in a focus towards the Bradford and Leeds territories, with flashes of references to towns and cities outside of those areas.

The previous agency that controlled the SEO of their website had attempted to diversify the brand focus through the creation of blogposts that were rooted deep within an internal site blog, opting to create a series of posts that revealed where BASI Heating staff had been the previous week to complete the work that they carry out.

While the concept itself was there, the execution wasn’t and that resulted in a string of blogposts that used a high percentage of duplicated content with a bullet point list of a variety of locations that their team had been to install a new boiler, complete boiler repairs or perform an annual boiler service.

We took a look at the pages that were being created and determined that both the volume and duplication of content of these pages was in fact holding the website back from being able to perform well within the search engines, they just didn’t have the focus or relevance to be able to satisfy the search engine crawlers to warrant a page one ranking for specific areas in our opinion.

The launch of a new, more focused approach

While we knew that the main focus of our SEO appointment was to ultimately improve the number of organic leads that the site was able to take on a monthly basis, at Infinity One we believe that no website should be built on a foundation that can’t support either growth or performance increases, meaning that we needed to work through the site and bring it back into line with the line of SEO best practise.

This meant that we had to:

  • Clean up the pages of the site that were indexed and contained low quality or duplicated content
  • Remove, merge or improve existing pages of the site to provide better value to website visitors
  • Clean up the website navigation menu to only include pages of interest to visitors
  • Creation of new location pages that focused on a number of related services and product terms
  • Implementation of Name, Address and Postal address (NAP) throughout the site to help with local SEO improvements and a bid to improve placements within Google Map pack results
  • Creation of new and improved page layout for main service pages to incorporate ways for visitors to be able to either provide their details, book an appointment directly or get a quotation direct from the page without having to navigate further into the site
  • Addition of new bespoke bathrooms design and installation page
  • Removal of services and products that are no longer offered or supported by the brand

A closer look at how we boosted service area brand recognition

Relevance and value are two of the most important factors when it comes to creating pages that can improve brand recognition for a brand that is primarily focused from one location and that is something that non-national service providers have to overcome in order to succeed.

While larger brands would be able to create pages that contained the NAP of their closest branch, for a brand that is based in a single location that is outside of town or city that you are targeting, the challenge is a little harder to conquer unless you approach the creation of your targeted pages correctly.

In order to boost the brand recognition and organically created leads, we needed to improve the focus that the BASI Heating website had already implemented, meaning that we knew that we had to create pages that gave customers the information they wanted, in an easy to understand and complete nature.

duplicate content on location pages
Previous location focus pages on basiheating.co.uk with duplicated content highlighted

The image above shows you the pages that were being used prior to our appointment to focus on trying to improve the visibility of the business across towns and cities within their service area radius, with the duplicated content highlighted, which was used on over 60 similar pages.

While the intention of these pages was clear to us, that the previous agency wanted to create mentions of towns and cities from their site to offer relevance, unfortunately, in the modern era of SEO and organic ranking algorithms, a sporadic mention like those found on the list between the duplicated content is no longer enough.

We then begun to re-design, create and produce the content for more relevant pages that we would now create as our focus for creating organic rankings for location-based search terms, incorporating a number of quick and easy call to action areas that would allow for website users to be able to get the information, service or quote they wanted without having to leave the page.

boiler installation bradford page
The Infinity One created page focused on area-specific focus

Our creation of the new area-specific pages that would be used to improve organic performance of the site for search queries that were area-specific, such as ‘boiler installation wakefield’, was created with more than a single term focus, meaning that our pages were published with all of the information that a customer could need in order to establish whether BASI Heating can help them to get the product or service that they require.

Although rich with content, we tried to break down the impact of the text through the use of images, incorporating a core focus for the section if there was a reason to do so, for example, the addition of the boiler servicing price on the image seen in the image above, giving customers a quick, visual reference towards the price that they can expect.

Bringing the new location pages together

In the past, bringing a range of location pages like these mentioned above together was as simple as sticking them into a continuously growing list of towns and cities that were linked within the footer of your website, a practise that is still done even today by some, but we believe that it doesn’t offer your users the best possible experience and it certainly doesn’t look appealing as the number of links within that list hits 100+.

While the concept of feeding equity and power from the footer of the site still remains as a good way to boost the performance of these pages, we adopted a more cautious approach and included only a small number of the newly created location pages within the list before placing a link into the new Areas We Cover page that was re-written to offer a better purpose.

areas we cover basi
Introducing an organised list of areas serviced by BASI Heating

Doing this means that the site design is not heavily impacted from the placement of the location pages within the footer, gives us a page that users can easily see specific areas within regions that the brand covers and also provides a must cleaner finish to a list of towns and cities that the company can provide products and services to.

As well as adding the location-specific pages to the areas covered page on the site, we created a new boiler installation hub page that allowed customers to be able to find out information about having a new boiler installed while also providing them with a video of what they can expect from the company on the day of the installation taking place.

With relevance specific to the majority of the work that customers are looking for being related to boiler installation, we also added a number of the more popular locations into the newly designed boiler installation page, giving visitors the ability to easily find information about their own specific location and the services that the company offered.

How the changes impacted BASI Heating

At the time that we began working with BASI Heating on their SEO, the leads that they were generating were mostly due to third-party websites and while the previous agency was running Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) for the site, the leads were proving to be costly at just over £300 per successful lead.

This meant that their monthly budget for Adwords spend was generating a small number of leads, effectively meaning that the PPC campaign was not cost effective.

At Infinity One we prefer to help businesses to be able to build a foundation that will serve them for a longer period of time, requiring a focus on organic exposure from a longevity based approach.

One of the first things that we look at when taking on a new client that offers products and services in a number of regions is at how well they are ranking organically at the time of starting our work, allowing us to limit changes to pages that ranking well organically initially.

BASI Heating did already rank well organically for boiler installation terms in both Bradford and Leeds, elsewhere they were not even showing organically within the first 10 pages (100 results), meaning that our initial focus would be to set our sights on other areas initially with a limited number of tweaks and alterations to any pages that were ranking well already.

Turning our attention to the creation of new location-specific pages that would be added to the site, we first began with Wakefield, creation our boiler installation wakefield page and adding in a range of services into the page to allow for a single page focus on each location that we wanted to improve the organic exposure of.

The result of the creation of that page was very clear, allowing BASI Heating to now have a presence in Wakefield related search results, most of which were now ranking position one within the search results.

boiler installation wakefield ranking terms

While we are pleased with the performance of the new location pages that we have added into the BASI Heating website, we have done nothing other than on-page SEO and the improvement of the foundation of the site itself, so when the time comes to begin the content marketing and link building aspects of the campaign, all location terms should see ranking boosts that withstand the fluctuations in the search results.

Have leads increased through organic performance?

As an agency that prefers to steer customers towards improving organic performance rather than taking a solely PPC reliant approach, we knew before signing the contract that there was significant room for improvement for BASI Heating’s organic exposure.

With very few leads coming through organic positioning of the site prior to our appointment (1/2 a month) we knew that we would be able to help the company increase both brand awareness and the number of leads that are generated from visitors that access the site via search engines.

At the time of writing this post, I can reveal that BASI Heating have seen an increase of 800% of leads organically, with a little under 2 weeks still to go this month, while month of month the improvements have climbed by 400% the first month and a further 200% the month following that.

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