Choose Your Domain Carefully – Users Say It Matters


When creating a new website, one of the first things that you need to think about is where it can be found – the domain name.

With so many variations and options available to you, it can be hard to know what domain name is best for your new website and often we can be willing to compromise on the domain name in order to get the keywords that we are looking to target in there, but a new study from Dejan Marketing has shown that this might not be the best thing for you.

While conducting a survey of internet users in an effort to establish what users deem to be signals of trust for users of a website, the URL of the site came out as the top result, gaining 17% (140) of the votes by those that participated in the survey.

Alongside the URL, 15% of the votes highlighted that users used HTTPS status as a trust signal, meaning that between having a domain name suitable for your website alongside having HTTPS encryption accounted for 32% of the votes.

Although the survey seems to have been done on a small sample of internet users, it does highlight the fact that where many suggest that you can simply compromise on the domain name of your website, that may not be the case and taking the additional steps to host your domain as a HTTPS version rather than the more traditional HTTP (non-encrypted) version could result in more trust being given to your website.

Other factors that were mentioned within the survey that provided valuable insight into how to create your site revealed that the quality of the ads shown also played a factor (13%) as well as whether your website had a clean, modern and professional design (13%), highlighting that visitors are certainly paying attention to the appearance and safety of your website in order to establish trust.

While we do tend to recommend that website owners look to create websites on branded domain names that can be created into a community for customers to recognise and remember, we understand that some brand names can be keyword heavy at times, look at and them making the decision to rebrand to

Although it is possible to create a successful website based on a keyword domain, there are further actions that need to be taken in order to show the search engines that you are creating a brand, so make sure that you proceed with caution so not to taint your domain before you get the chance to build your brand.

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