Better Site Management Results In Better Organic Performance

We are often contacted by businesses that have an existing website that they are looking to improve in order to increase their business and brand awareness through the search engines and we are often faced with a variety of different challenges, however, The AMS Clinic came to us with a unique situation.

As the leading provider of private clinic circumcisions within the West Yorkshire region, we were told that they also had a secondary clinic situated within the Greater Manchester region, both of which were featured under the same website address,

While we always advise businesses that have multiple locations to make use of a singular website to showcase each of their locations and consolidate their online marketing efforts into a single property, their website while looking like a single entity was actually two websites in one, one being created in HTML/PHP while the other made use of the WordPress CMS within a sub-folder.

Ultimately this was not a huge problem, we realised that for the business to be able to maintain and enhance their website in order to see better organic performance, the client was going to have to implement an array of different changes across both platforms in order to be able to spearhead their marketing efforts and return the results that they wanted.

Their Bradford circumcision clinic was based on PHP/HTML, meaning that changes were having to be directly scripted into the foundation of their website, while their Manchester circumcision clinic section was a little more business friendly, offering the ease of use associated with the use of WordPress CMS.

After speaking with the client, it was established that modernisation, alteration towards becoming responsive and mobile friendly as well as just generally making their website more manageable moving forward was the best way forward and with that be began our push to create a clinical looking website that would be built on SEO fundamentals to provide them with a platform on which they can look to build their business online.

After speaking with the client, establishing features and design implementations that they would like to see included from their current site into a new look, more professional looking design, our design team got to work.

AMS Clinic Old Design

With the current homepage offering very little in terms of information about the clinic, instead carrying a dated appearance that simply filtered the visitors to location specific pages, we wanted to create a new look that would instantly show visitors to the website the nature of their business and what they were able to offer.

The AMS Clinic New Design

With a whole new website foundation, we created a new, modern website that offered information and specifics about the clinic’s circumcision services both within the Bradford and Manchester regions, creating specific pages within a wider scoped website to still allow visitors to be able to navigate to a clinic location page that best suited their own location.

The AMS Clinic Bradford Circumcision Page

The creation of new location based pages meant that visitors to the AMS website were able to easily find information about the clinic closest to them, including information about how to book an appointment, the price of the procedure as well as where their closest clinic location was.

Presented in a responsive, mobile friendly manner, these pages deliver a much cleaner browsing experience for site users, allowing them to be able to quickly and easily book appointments and see the clinic on a clear map from Google Maps.

We did this with both their Bradford Circumcision Clinic and their Manchester Circumcision Clinic pages, both offering the required information for visitors to these pages to be able to get the help and information needed to make an informed decision prior to booking their appointment.

We are currently working on the organic performance of the website and will look to create a case study about the growth seen with purely the release of their new website and minor SEO alterations once we have the comparative figures available, so keep an eye out for our next post or alternatively if you would like to see how we helped one client grow their online business by more than 800% in 6 months, check out the case study for that here.

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