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We recognise that when looking for someone to take control of your website you are looking to find a company that are reputable, trustworthy and most of all have a track record of success and that is why we created Infinity One.

After spending a combined decade working for one of the biggest UK digital marketing agencies, spearheaded by one of the industries founding names, our duo of internet marketing wizards have quickly learnt to be able to see through a shallow sales pitch, filled with fluff and unreachable promises.

Working on some of the biggest brands in the world, across multiple business niches and sectors, Alex and Jordan have created a more streamlined, targetted approach that takes out all of the bigger agency ‘fluff’ and looks towards producing results, quickly and safely..

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Infinity One is not like many of the digital marketing companies that you have seen before as we don’t offer an overly corporate driven service or a smaller scale workload that you may receive from freelancers, instead we offer a service that is as good as the best in the industry at a price that freelancers would struggle to compete with.

We completely understand that your website and business is special to you and that is why we don’t try to ask you to find a fixed price option for the services we offer, as we strongly believe that no SEO campaign should ever be the same.

With more then a decade of combined experience in the industry, we have been at the height of our market and worked on brands that are the largest names in their market, as well as helping smaller start ups, businesses and websites find their place on the first page of the search engine results, giving us some of the biggest level of service scope you will find.

We present a personal service, which starts with our team getting to know your business and the marketing requirements that you are looking for, then take our wealth of experience and industry knowledge to spearhead your pursuit for page one rankings.

Natasha Persson
ND Dance

I couldn’t be happier with our new website, it has everything that we asked for and we have already seen a number of keywords reach the first page on Google.
I can’t recommend them enough.


Our team of specialists have almost a decade of joint experience and have worked on some of the biggest brands and websites in the world across multiple service disciplines.

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